Working from Home

I’ve been a home based business for almost five years now. I write and edit as a freelancer. I can’t complain. I have been fortunate enough to get enough work to pay the bills, sometimes even on time. Working from home has presented me with some tough challenges. For one, in order to actually get some work done, I often have to leave home to do it. Am I still working from home, then? I can’t be sure.

On one hand, working from home is great. I make my own hours. I can write in my pajamas. I can write my expenses off on my taxes….does a double latte count as a business expense? Anyway, it can be great. But it can also be extremely difficult. When a deadline looms, I’m often up until the wee hours of the morning dry red eyes staring at a glaring computer screen while the rest of the family sleeps. Then I have to get up the next morning and be a mom like I got a full nights sleep. It can feel like I have two full-time jobs. Other times I feel like I am completely neglecting my kids while I check my Oh-so-important email for job leads and feedback.

I have toyed with the notion of getting a “real” job from time to time. But I haven’t taken that road just yet. The salary has never been enough to cover child care and living expenses. So, I plod along, trying to make the freelance thing work. It’s difficult, but it does give me the freedom to take my kids to the pool on a Wednesday morning. I couldn’t do that at an office job. I can also bang out some jobs while watching Tinkerbell with my daughter sitting next to me. Adorable.

I guess the trade-off is worth it. I’d be working hard either way…at least this way, I can spend some time with two of the cutest kids around. As my mom likes to remind me (over and over), they are only little once…..then they grow up and move away and hardly ever call you. (I’m not sure, but I think that is a dig on my somehow.)

Anyway, off to earn some more moolah….


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