Ah, technology. It is a wondrous thing! The Internet, computers, telephones, social networking–they are all important parts of making my at home freelance business work. I don’t know what I would do without them…oh, wait…yeah I do. I would spend my whole day trying to get them back because without them I can’t work and without work I can’t make money. I had several computer-related problems today. None of them were terribly serious, but when you’re trying to fix anything with a four-year-old and a one-year-old trying to help, things tend to be a bit more complicated. I was gouged with screw drivers, had a flashlight shined in my eyes, and had several files deleted when all was said and done. Fortunately, I have a friend whom I can call when my computer isn’t doing what I think it should. As a work-at-home, self-employed person I don’t have an IT department to call–instead I must cajole my computer savvy friends to help me by offering them payments in cookies. (Ron, I’ll have yours to you by the end of the week.)

My call to my friend happened in the middle of getting “help” from my kids. I’m surprised my friend could even understand what I was talking about. The call went something like this:

Me: Hey, could you help me? My computer isn’t connecting to the Internet and I can’t figure out why?

IT: Can you tell me what the computer is doing?

Me: I got a message that says,…No, honey. Put that down. Well, I don’t care if your sister had it in her ear. All the more reason to put it down….sorry. The message says that the IP address is being used by something else and it has some numbers and letters.

IT: Oh. I think I know what happened. (Garbled because I was wrestling a dog toy away from my one-year-old.) That should fix the problem.

Me: Can you repeat that? I didn’t quite get it….Ralph (the dog), NO! I know Maelle’s lips taste yogurty…but you’re not allowed to lick them. Maelle, stop holding your spoon out to the dog….

IT: Sure. I said if you….(My four-year-old grabs the phone and begins saying, “Hi” into the phone over and over.)

Me: Sorry. She wanted to say Hi….No, Inara. You can’t have a cookie. We haven’t finished breakfast yet….Go get your sippy cup and I’ll get you some more milk….NO! Put the knife down. (indiscernible screams of anger from a four-year-old)…

IT: You sound like you have your hands full.

Me: Huh?….I said, put that down or go to your room. (in the distance you can hear a young girl making a sound that most people have only heard on Animal Planet). That’s it! Go to your room!…… Now, what did you say I need to do again?

I could go on, but you get the idea. Working from home isn’t exactly conducive to business conversations. I try to avoid them when I can. That’s why I needed my email to be up and running. I can delete anything my kids types into them. Luckily, I was talking to a friend who knows my kids and has some of his own.

I spent a large part of my day trying to straighten out my technological problems so I could get some work done. Did I get some work done? Well, that’s debatable. I got my wireless working and my IP address straightened out. I guess that’s something. But as far as getting any work done that I will actually get paid for….no. Not at all. I guess, there’s always tomorrow.

Isn’t technology great?


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