Worst Blogger Ever

It’s official. I’m the worst blogger ever.

I have not posted anything for a year! A year! Why? Life gets in the way. Everyone thinks blogging is easy, something a person can do in her spare time. How hard can it be to post something every day, right? Well, I’m a perfect example of how that is not true. It takes work to be a blogger. Blog posts don’t just happen. Someone has to research, formulate thoughts, and write them. As a freelance writer, I have a hard time getting around to writing and editing the jobs that pay me money. So, when it comes to typing up a blog post that doesn’t as of yet generate any income, I often let it slide. OK, I let it slide all the time.

My New September resolution is to post to my blog more often. (It’s both too late and too early for a News Years Resolution, so I’ll make it a September thing.)

I’ve recently decided to turn my part-time job of writing and editing into my career. It took a change of focus on my part. First I had to stop thinking of my writing as just something I did to make some extra money and start thinking of it as a viable business venture.

This was not easy to do. When faced with the dilemna of upgrading my computer, I had to make some tough and costly decisions about how to replace my old laptop. As a part-time freelancer, the added expense of more memory, RAM, and buying a MAC to better meet the needs of my clients seemed frivolous. As a freelance business owner, it seemed essential. After talking to some friends who own their own businesses, I realized to be a business, I had to make decisions like a business. So here I am typing my blog post on a brand new Mac Book Pro…loving it, but paying for it for the next three years.

I’ve also started shifting my thinking about my time, what it is worth, how best to manage it, and how to get away from my kids long enough to get anything done. I’m also forcing myself to reorganize my finances and filing system to better serve the business side of writing. These things don’t pay the rent however, which is why I haven’t done it in the past.

There are a lot of aspects to setting up a writing business. Despite what people think there is some overhead and expense to it. Software doesn’t buy itself, filing cabinets and file folders aren’t free, and mailing contracts take money, but you can’t run a business without these things. I guess it’s true: it takes money to make money.

I’ve been working on my goals for the future and succeeding as a writer seems to be a big part of it. So, I have to take a chance on myself and invest in my future. That takes money, energy, and time. Success doesn’t just happen.

So, here I go….ready to succeed….ready to work hard for it.


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