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I’ve noticed a growing trend among business websites lately. It seems more and more business websites are adding a blog to their site. The blog usually consists of helpful tips in their field of interest or news about the business itself. According to the article “Blogs Will Change Your Business” from, blogs have the potential to read a huge market. Blogs are a virtually free way to advertise, inform potential clients, and get market feedback. 

According to the book, Blogging for Business by Chris Garrett, A blog allows a business to attract new customers, build brand awareness, and generate more online traffic. “The average blog attracts 55% more visitors and gets indexed 434% more by search engines than a traditional website.” The benefits truly out way the effort it takes to generate a blog.

As I searched the Internet for information on this growing tend, I wasn’t too surprised to find much of what I was looking for on, you guessed it, blogs. While blogging can help you gain traffic to your website and provide better customer service, one particular blog post brought up a few rather unexpected benefits to business blogging, particularly for those of us running a home-based business. In his post “Why Should Small Business Owners Blog?” writer Andrew Rondeau pointed out how blogging can alleviate the isolation associated with working from home. I admit, blogging has helped me feel a little more connected to the rest of the world and other small business owners. With all the posts out there about working from home, it’s nice to know I’m not alone in my small business endeavors. That seems like a small thing, but it can have some very beneficial positive effects on my attitude which leads to greater productivity.

This research has increased my desire to blog for my own business. As a freelance writer, I expected blogging to come second nature to me. After all, I love to write and give my opinion. Isn’t that what blogging is all about? But as I delve into the blogosphere, I am learning that blogging and blogging well aren’t always the same thing.

A good blog takes effort, research, and time. When you have a full schedule of freelance jobs on your calendar, blogging tends to fall by the wayside. However, in an effort to build my business I plan to eventually move my blog to my current business website. (I just have to perform a website revamp…when time allows.)

Just another thing to add to my task list. Yay! As I research the art of blogging for business, I’ll post some of the tips I learn. If you know of any, leave me a comment. Maybe we can all learn something together.


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