Being Successful in Business

I recently ran across a very interesting article on titled “25 Common Characteristics of Successful Entrepreneurs.” The list has some very good points, and has inspired me to apply many of them to my own business strategy. While the thought of applying them all to my work is exhausting, I was struck by a reoccurring element found in most of the points in the article—attitude.

It seems that attitude plays a major part in whether a person is successful. Whether it’s putting the customer first or investing in yourself, the right attitude is key to each successful characteristic.

  • Optimism/Positive Thinking: I know from my own experience, my freelance business didn’t really start to “take off” until after I began to “take myself seriously.” Thinking about myself as a business person and realizing that I could be successful prompted me to take some chances on myself and invest in my own company. It all came down to having a positive attitude about myself and what I have to offer. I love the quote, “Whether you think you can or you can’t, you are right.” It’s become one of my mottos.
  • Humilty: However, positive attitude alone won’t cut it. Remaining humble has also helped me gain clients and keep them. No one wants to work with a freelancer who’s cocky and hard to work with. Prima Donnas don’t last long in my line of work. I provide a service for others, and making the client happy is a large part of that—even if it means going with their idea rather than mine. Surprisingly, not all people think my ideas are as great as I do.
  • Persistence: Being persistent helps a great deal as well. There were many months that I barely had enough work to keep me busy. I was tempted to give up and “get a real job” on several occasions. I even applied for a few…but thankfully wasn’t hired. I kept plugging along, and now I have a fairly steady stream of income. I doubt I’ll ever trade my company stock at the NYSE, but I just might be able to make a living doing something I love. That’s my definition of success.

There are so many other attitude elements that can help the entrepreneur be successful: optimism, confidence, gratitude, and inquisitive to name a few. The point is, attitude is everything when building a business. With the right attitude, you’ll be a success no matter how well your business does. Or maybe that’s just my opinion.


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